sábado, 28 de julho de 2012


by Roberto Amorim (http://imortaljuventude.com.br)

Suddenly, like unsuspected earthquake, something awakens within us. The desire to be imagined what God takes care of the heart, giving us the grace of a faith renewed and renewing, translated by new aspirations, new desires. Beats deep inside the soul the desire to be happy, not in any way, but even happiness, with taste, smell, color of happiness. Happiness that will not go away as soon put down his head on the pillow, but remains all the time blazing inside and in the morning opens the windows of the soul so that our dark rooms are illuminated by light coming from heaven

Then he paints an inspiration: Resume! Restoration! A slight breeze blows to the ears of the soul these words become blazing! A voice very quiet, but firm and confident in whispers: "New Directions". And the sail of our boat surrenders to the breeze that is blowing in the opposite direction to throw the raging waves in all directions without leaving the dock in port and some many times before throwing them on deserted beaches.

But what does all this mean? How to translate this torrent of feelings so intense and wonderful? What to do with them? All that is called God's Love! A love that is present and not award and who suddenly awakens us to the noble vocation of living it intensely. The Holy Spirit inspired new attitudes, new attitudes to life, new heart, so that through us will sprout a new generation of men and women transformed and transforming the force of love. A new way, walk in the direction exactly opposite to what we walked, like the ten lepers to meet Jesus, took a new route in their lives and it definitely walked, curing their lepras while walking! With each

step forward a new man being born a slave and the old man of sin be banished from the heart, being dead and buried.

This is the decision that the Lord has inspired so many hearts. There is such an intense desire which God created us and while moving in an uneasy peace to bring Jesus Christ to others through a faith testified with happiness and intensity, taking firmly committed to being the salt of the earth and light of the world. Move towards a new story!

New Directions ... for new hearts!
New Directions!

With love and prayers
Roberto Amorim

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