domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012


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I can get seeing humans not only from their partial dimensions (someone that works, that plays, who suffers, who grieves that relates), but from a deeper insight. When understand how a being able to self-transcend, of overcoming relied on a foundation that gives greater meaning to your existence, all your actions, the space it occupies in the world ...
When I admit that the human knowledge it is objective and valid, and that the outside world exists. This step opens the field to that admits certain types of knowledge that go beyond empirical (what is evident and provable by the exact sciences) and so can receive rational arguments that are plausible and that point to realities that I do not even decipher dominate completely, but what can I do experience. That way I can admit that I do not have absolute knowledge and which, however, is concrete, for example knowing that gives me faith. This extends to be cultivated my ability to learn. Just so I can "drop me" in Someone greater, moved by my own will, confirmed by my rationality and assisted from the initial and throughout all stages of the investigative process by divine grace, because there is a credibility in the proposed the Gospel that I can recognize as plausible. Especially because this type of research process operates with much influence emotional intelligence, where the motivations of the individual has a definite role. After some stairs climbed conclude that accepting the mystery is more rational, more intelligent!

Upon learning that God is not a problem that can only be resolved through theories or practical decisions, but it is a reality-solution and not an impediment to my development. It is instead, the biggest reason that I can grow in humanity, in professionalism, in fact. Thus, it is necessary to enact His death so I have room to exist, because He died in an attitude of freedom accurately for this ... and then rose again, so that I can’t wish to declare the end of His life on a whim, because I find it my ...

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