domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012


When I become aware of who I am and who God is (Ef 1,3-12), His plan of love for me and all that entails accept or refuse such plans, I realize that I am called to elect the freedom. I was elected to live in perfect communion (communication) with the Lord and took this path, I am called to elect.

According to Scatology our trajectory earthly is the time of the elaboration of our personal "yes" or "no" to God. Whether God that this is a story of salvation and that everything finalising in celebration at the end! In this line is possible tell that int the time of death we know that choice have been made by each individual. So also says of the condemned to hell who will forever aware of who chose for himself, than them away from God.
When trying to glimpse (albeit in a limited way, but true) the definitive realities that can have my life fall on account of the weather today is an opportunity, a gift, a favorable time: time of grace and patience, where The Lord waits, waits for me, me and every one in particular. Where I need to learn to wait also, once again exercise patience. Time to breathe, to try again, taking new breath, relax, and then to put me to work for their own conquest, which is not only mine!

If there is a real possibility of building an autonomous life itself, as preached from modernity, this is not without the help of grace and not as reality but does not assume the shape of a building possibilities of staying on the path. To do everything possible to move on the path of good that I have been granted. Building here is then to create real chances to stay, is to keep me upright and active. Here we understand that freedom is a conscious choice of Absolute Well, the best part is choosing, not claimed as a condemnation those who feel nauseous just thinking that they have to be responsible.

If this is not done without much training (prayer and asceticism), is more accurate and complete say: this is not done, but by Love

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